Individually We're 1 Drop, Together We're an Ocean
Individually We're 1 Drop, Together We're an Ocean
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Our Story

AFAKASI BRAND (AFA-ka-si) means half of one in Samoan, but to us, it means so much more. We are an upcoming clothing label in the United States and have been popping up around the world since 2015.
Our vision is to offer cultivated designs and high-quality apparel that bridges culture, music, fashion and GOOD VIBES to the World. To INSPIRE and ELEVATE the MASSES. While honoring our CULTURE and HERITAGE.
AFAKASI BRAND blended with intriguing intertwines of culture and creativity that is always making a statement no matter where you are at. AFAKASI BRAND is taking a CANNONBALL into the future. 
At its ROOTS, AFAKASI BRAND is a give-back organization, endlessly aiming to be at service to our fellow citizen. We believe it is our ancestorial promise to do so and encourage others to do the same. We support a number of initiatives beyond raising cultural awareness and back organizations that help those in need. AFAKASI BRAND is committed to ongoing support of charitable initiatives. 


#BridgeTheGap #TheAStandsForALLofUS